Books of Wisdom

The books of wisdom in the Bible as also known as the books of poetry in the Old Testament.  The Old Testament books of wisdom are Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon (also commonly known as Song of Songs.)  A large portion of these writings originate with King David and King Solomon although many were not collected until possibly hundreds of years later.

Because of the nature of these books, they are not traditionally studied straight through like a historical book might be or even like the epistles of the New Testament.  While there are many lessons to glean from these books and there are famous chapters and verses contain within them, usually these books are not read or studied chapter by chapter.

For this reason we will not provide commentary on every chapter of these books (obviously Psalms would have 150 chapters for commentary otherwise).  Instead, this site is devoted to giving a better understanding of how to study the books.  Some of the better known chapters will be highlighted on this site and some commentary will be given but not every chapter will be touched upon.