Outline of Job

Admittedly, Job isn’t the most exciting book to read straight through.  Most of the book consists of Job’s friends talking needlessly and giving bad advice.  However, if one lumps all of the speeches together in one large section, there is a clear outline that helps give a better understanding of the book itself.

Job 1-2: Job is introduced

Job’s wealth is recorded

Satan is allowed to take Job’s wealth but not harm Job

Satan is allowed to affect Job’s health but not take his life

Job 3-37: Job gets bad advice

Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar all accuse Job of wrongdoing and being the source of his own troubles

A young man named Elihu gives a six chapter speech (Job 32-37) about how Job is arrogant for considering himself righteous and that no one should question the Creator of the universe

Job 38-39: God questions Job

Job 40-42: Job humbly responds to God on account of his ignorance

Job 42: Job is rewarded and given double what he had before

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